Ramset Shield Warranty


Ramset Shield Protection For Your Tools


For over 50 years, service has been a cornerstone of Ramset. Service at all levels from the location of trade centres, the on site service and support and the introduction and development of many product innovations. The Service ethic has been especially important in the area of tools; both the direct fastening powder powered tools and more recently the growing range of quality Electric power tools.


Ramset service has been the benchmark for the construction industry. It has been unwritten and unpublished – just accepted as the gold standard. Ramset is now formalising the current best practise standard and making it better.
The Ramset shield has been introduced to give the construction industry an even greater level of service and protection. The Ramset shield has 4 areas of support.

1. Lifetime Warranty Shield – All Ramset tools are covered for life against faulty material or workmanship.

2. Free Service Shield – Ramset will service all tools for 1 or 2 years after date of purchase. The service gives maximum security. This covers fair-wear; the hard work that Ramset tools are built to take.

3. Ongoing Service Shield After the initial no cost service period Ramset will service tools to an agreed maximum charge. If the cost is likely to exceed this agreed figure, Ramset will offer a generous trade in or service at the minimum possible cost. 

4. Tool Upgrade –When it’s time to update or a new model is wanted Ramset will offer a generous trade-in to ensure that at all times the most appropriate equipment is being used. (Some conditions apply see your Ramset Trade Centre for details)
While the Ramset service shield is designed around the comprehensive tool program, the shield stands for all Ramset products and services. As has been said in the past, “it is the service that counts”. 

The Ramset Toolbox allows you collect items of interest during your visit.

Once you're happy with your selections the content of your toolbox can either be printed, or sent to Ramset Customer Service for further assistance.
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